Folkboat Accessories

4004 V-cleat
Stainless cleat. 6mm.

4011 Servo 11
“Servo 11” cleat 4-8 mm. With retainer

4012 Socket for 11

4020 Servo 22
”Servo 22” cleat 8-12 mm. Without retainer.

4022 Servo 22 with retainer
”Servo 22” cleat 8-12 mm. With retainer.

4024 Servo 22 with retainer on top
”Servo 22” with retainer on top, socket and bolts.

4025 Socket for 22

4030 Farileads

4032 Fixed block
Fixed block for 6-8 mm cordage.

4033 Fixed block
Fixed block Nova for 4-6 mm cordage

4035 Small block
Small block for 4-6 mm cordage.

037 Stainless block w becket
Stainless w becket for 4-8 mm.

4038 Wireblock
Wireblock for 3-4 mm wire

4040 Ball bearing block
Ball-bearing block. 10-12 mm. ”Sail-Speed”

4041 Ball bearing with becket
”Sail-Speed” With becket. 10-12 mm.

4050 Single block w shackel

4051 Single block

4052 Block with rubber
Block with rubber. 10 mm

4053 Single w becket

4061 Double stainless
for 6-8 mm

4062 Double block
8 mm med

4063 Double block w becket
8 mm med

4065 Double block
8 mm

4071 Muscle box
”Sail Speed” Muscle box. L – 300 mm

4240 Cabin cushions
Cabin-cushions in Master dark blue

4244 Bow cushions
Bow-cushions in Master dark blue

4246 Side cushions
Side-cushions in Master dark blue

4248 Center cushions
Split up centre-cushion in Master dark blue

4300 Set of ropes

4321 Tow line
Tow-line 12 mm x 12 m

4322 Anchor line
Anchor line 12 mm x 26 m.

4361 Jib sheet
Jib sheet 18M 8mm.

4401 Fender
Fender 80x240x300 mm. Dark blue.

4412 Cockpit tent
COCKPIT TENT with large windows in the sides.

4420-G Cockpit cover grey, 4420-B Cockpit cover blue
COCKPIT COVER. Made from grey or dark blue Airtec fabric for protection in harbour. Zip from boom crutch and aft.

4422-G Boom cover grey – 4422-B Boom cover blue.
BOOM COVER. As photo from grey or dark blue Airtec

4423-G Closed boom cover grey – 4423-B Closed boom cover blue

4425-G Sail cover grey – 4425-B Sail cover blue

4450 Winter cover
WINTER COVER. Protect your Folkboat during winter. Build yourself a frame as shown in the above sketch, and we will supply a tailor made Winter Cover from PVC-covered polyester fabric with zipper. Height above deck 800 mm. Post app. 80×80 mm. Battens app. 55×35 mm. 2 bolts 8×120 mm.

4502 Compass
Suunto B-115 Compass with light. White or black.

4522 Fore navigation light

4071 Muscle box
”Sail Speed” Muscle box. L – 300 mm

4523 Sternlight

4525 Two pole plug

4528 Masthead light
Masthead light with pennant-fitting.

4530 Cabin light
Cabin light. Ø 103 mm.

4532 Chart light
Chart light.120 mm arm

4535 Dry battery 33 AH
Dry battery. 200x130x170 mm.12V – 33AH. 10 kg.

536 Dry battery 40 AH
Dry battery. 200x170x170 mm. 12V – 40 AH. 15 kg.

4537 Switch

4538 Plug

4539 Socket

4542 Cook Mate 1600
Cook Mate1600 spirit cooker. 236x275x137 mm.

4552 Moonlight hatch
Alu. Forehatch with tinted glass. 545×545 mm. (495×495).

4560 Outboard bracket
Outboard bracket for Folkboat complete

4561 Sledge only
Sledge only.

4562 Nylon roll
Nylon roll for sledge

4563 Lock arm
Lock arm f bracket

4564 Uphaul complete
Outboard uphaul complete.

4565 Mounting bolt
Mounting bolt for outboard bracket.

4567 Boarding ladder
Boarding ladder – stainless with teak steps. Length 800 mm.

4585 Lifting straps
Lifting straps with shackles.

4587 Set of lifting eyes
M 20. Lifting eyes.

4610 Set of cruising sails
Our FC-cruising sails might not be the most optimized, but they are easy to handle. Made from a sturdy 7 oz. Sailcloth, which stand being folded and stowed away. Only complete suits of sails are supplied. Please also ask about second hand racing-sails!

4613 Furling jib

4615 Gennaker
Folke Furl Spi. Gennaker with furl.

4616 Gennaker fitting set
Gennaker fitting set.

4623 MP Main sail
Mainsail. Radial cut top from Dimension – Polyant 285 g. HTP+ sailcloth.

4627 MP racing jib
Jib. Radial cut from Dimension – Polyant 285 g. HTP+ sailcloth.

4642 Jib furling system
”Bartels” Jib reefing and furling system. Easy to replace with old forestay.

4650 Sailtainer
Sailtainer – is an in-boom mainsail furler. The mainsail is fully battened and for crusing you can easily reef and perform all operations from the cockpit. The system includes a track which is pushed into the grove, a spring load kicker, the fully battened mainsail and of course the boom with all fittings.